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Molecular Gastronomy – Lecithin – Lemon Foam Air

It’s so easy to make foams. Its very simple, and requires only 2 things, an Immersion blender and Lecithin. It’s my first video so forgive me ūüôā I had to harass you with my voice since its easier to show the process via video than pictures.

Molecular Lemon Foam

Molecular Lemon Foam

Molecular Lemon Foam

Molecular Lemon Foam

Most chefs use an iSi canister to create foams, but now you can easily make it at home. Top any drink off, or add to any dish. If you happen to have liquid nitrogen on hand, dip some in, and you’ll have a crusty outer shell with a foamy soft interior. Now you try it, soy sauce, lime juice, chicken stock, lol, the sky is the limit!

Basturma – Lebanese Armenian Pastrami

BEWARE : beef heavy post ahead


Basturma is one of those things that has a lot of memories for me. Piling up in the car, heading to the Armenian side of town, into the deli. The wafting smell of spices. Hot fresh crunchy French bread, tangy garlic sauce, crisp pickled Persian cucumbers, and lots of thinly sliced spicy salty Basturma.

Ok, so its not technically pastrami, but it is related. It is originally a Turkish dish, and was adapted by many including Albanians, Arabs, Greeks, Armenians and Lebanese.

Bastourma, or Pastirma, is simply a cut of meat that is dried and cured with a mix of spices. The process is not as simple and has many steps. I don’t know the exact recipe, but it starts out with salt curing it for days to pull out all the moisture. Letting it dry, by putting weights on it. Then, cover it in a paste of crushed cumin, fenugreek, garlic, and hot paprika, followed by thorough air-drying. The paprika should be spicy. This whole process does not take less than 3 weeks.

I have never made it myself . It is available at a local meat market, and it’s sold for around $9.00 a pound. I buy 1/2 a lb and ask the butcher to slice it real thin. I don’t dare buy more because it really doesnt last around me, lol. I start munching on the thin translucent¬†buttery slices the minute I’m in my car. The soft beef, with fat ribbons has a salty addicting taste that is just punched up with the spicy thick paste on the outside.

When it does make it home, its great with eggs in the morning, or just simply on a pita with some mayo. Just don’t blame me if you get addicted.

Top 10 Best Apple iPhone cakes – Steve Jobs eat this!

10. maggie mud’s bday cake (baker unknown)

Love the clean and crisp printout

9. Sweet Face Cakes

The details are drawn in and are amazing! Look at the Maps app

8. Swirek

It really does look like a phone. Nice clean fondant work.

7. Leigh Torres

Fondant 3D apps. Need I say more?

6. Quaint Cake

Looks too good to eat

5. Brian Wilkins bday cake (baker unknown)

Talk about huge

4. I Heart Cakes

Another well executed cake

3. Carla Ikeda

The apps are hand made from fondant. The details like the calculator are great!

2. Cake Chester

This one also has ear buds, and is girly and sparkly and doesn’t let you forget its a cake.

AND THE NUMBER ONE iPhone cake is:




1. The Designer Cookie

Not only is there an iphone, and ear buds and a mouse, but a Mac Book as well! So, there is NO way this is not the king of iphones cakes.

Lebanese Mutabal – Baba Ghanoush

Mutabal - Baba Ghanoush

Remember the¬† Baba Ghanoush I made last week? Well, what I’m posting about is what the west considers as Baba Ghanoush. In Lebanon, we call it Mutabal. Just wanted to be clear on the two. I don’t care what you call either, because they are both YUMMY!

Now, you prepare the eggplant like I did in the baba ghanouj post. I still prefer grilling the eggplant if possible to give a smoky taste, but its good to just pop em in the oven and make a bunch for a big batch. You can easily freeze the rest too.

What you need for the Mutabal:

  • 1 eggplant
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 4¬† Tb tahini
  • 1 lemon
  • olive oil

And thats it! Can you believe something so yummy is so simple.

Add the garlic and lemon.

Mutabal - Baba Ghanoush

I decided to use an immersion blender. Most people use a blender.

Mutabal - Baba Ghanoush

Add the tahini.

Mutabal - Baba Ghanoush

and blend blend blend. Salt to taste, and also add more tahini or lemon as you like. Its very forgiving.

Mutabal - Baba Ghanoush

You drizzle olive oil on top, and garnish with paprika and parsley.

Mutabal - Baba Ghanoush

Now, try making that and tell me you don’t love me. ūüôā

Bistro 222 Restaurant – Dearborn

Its an understatement to say that Dearborn is lacking in culinary diversity and dazzle. There are very very very few restaurants I enjoy eating at here, and it’s kinda sad. I’m an adventurous eater, and don’t expect much. Just fresh ingredients, prepared to tease my taste buds.

Bistro 222

Bistro 222

Bistro 222 did not let me down. It really got me excited about Dearborn dining again. From the fresh funky colors in the quaint intimate setting to the different fresh choices that chef and owner Michael Chamas has created. Not to mention, everything is house made, the way it should be.

So we semi-dressed up, which basically means no jeans or shorts per dress code and decided to try what many are raving about.
Bistro 222

My hubby loved the old style coke bottles.
Bistro 222

We decided to split an app. The stuffed gnocchi were pillowy and creamy and melted away making your tongue beg for more. The sauce it is bathed in makes you want to just grab the plate and lick it all, and the delicious bread they give you is the perfect vessel to mop up all that umami flavor and make sure you don’t miss a molecule on the plate. The bread is also good with the house made basil olive oil.

Bistro 222

*The stuffed gnocchi. It’s stuffed with Asiago, Peccorino, and Ricotta cheese over Palomino sauce

Bistro 222

Samer had the David Allen pasta. It was cooked pefectly al-dente, and the herbs just elevated a regular creamy sauce into fresh punches in your mouth.

Bistro 222
Bistro 222

I usually know what I’m getting before I go somewhere, and on this occasion, I changed my mind. I regret that now. I had originally wanted the sauteed Lake Perch, with caper creamy garlic sauce over crispy and garlic mashed potatoes. I got the smoked salmon pizza, since I’m a huge smoked salmon fan. Unfortunately this was the one thing I felt fell short of the mark. The crust felt a bit heavy and the whole dish was just not harmonious. I’ll leave it at that and say that I will be going back for the fish dish.
Bistro 222

For dessert we had the homemade lemon sorbet. I am a huge lemon sorbet fan and this was spot on. It was a perfect end to the meal. Tangy, sweet, fresh. I was glad I picked that over the tiramisu.
Bistro 222

The chef even presents it in a lemon, and its just so yellow and inviting.
Bistro 222

I would definitely recommend going in for dinner. It has great ambiance and service. They also have a sommelier on hand. We don’t drink so I can’t comment much on the wine selection, but there are alot of good reviews out there. Also,¬† the chef always changes up the menu and adds seasonal specials. We will be back for sure. So far, this has been one of the best meals I have ever had in Dearborn.

Bistro 222 on Urbanspoon

Dale & Thomas Popcorn – Purple Spoon Ice Cream

Dale & Thomas Popcorn - Purple Spoon 

Last Royal Oak visit, we decided to get some Popcorn at Dale & Thomas. Purple spoon has opened in the same space and I guess its a knock off of pinkberry. I’ve never had the latter so I can’t compare the two.Dale & Thomas Popcorn - Purple Spoon¬†

I really loved the signs, design and feel for the place. There was a huge image of a corn field that was lit and it set a light and happy tone for the location.Dale & Thomas Popcorn - Purple Spoon 

Many popcorn flavors like you see below, from BBQ to cheddar-chipotle. We tend to be sweet salty luvin kinda ppl so we went for…Dale & Thomas Popcorn - Purple Spoon¬†

…The chocolate Chunk Caramel. We ate it for 2 days, and it was divine. The cookies n creme would be interesting to try next time.Dale & Thomas Popcorn - Purple Spoon¬†

Very cute decor, very bad acting on my part.Dale & Thomas Popcorn - Purple Spoon 

I loved how they presented the popcorn, in the farmers wood buckets.Dale & Thomas Popcorn - Purple Spoon 

In the back the popcorn was popping away, the smell wafting beautifully thru the room.Dale & Thomas Popcorn - Purple Spoon 

They had a turning urn thing that you add the flavor to and it keeps rotating to cover all the popcorn.Dale & Thomas Popcorn - Purple Spoon 

They made the chocolate caramel by drizzling it all over a pan of popcorn, and letting set.Dale & Thomas Popcorn - Purple Spoon 

It was crunchy, fresh, sweet, salty and perfect. I loved that there were big chunks of chocolate here and there. It was a really good treat.Dale & Thomas Popcorn - Purple Spoon 

As for the Purple Spoon part of it, the decor is a bit more modern and minimalistic. It’s theme doesn’t mesh 100% with the farmers theme of the popcorn part, but it’s not too bad. Also, if you buy the popcorn first, they will give you a coupon (1$ off) of the icecream.Dale & Thomas Popcorn - Purple Spoon¬†

Positives is the low calorie. Negatives are that flavors are limited, but they cycle them. I had the original tart. It was good. Not great, but good.Dale & Thomas Popcorn - Purple Spoon Dale & Thomas Popcorn - Purple Spoon 

You can add toppings for 75 cents each. I’m not a toppings fan in general, but if I were going to try something it would be the fruit or candy. I would skip the cereal.Dale & Thomas Popcorn - Purple Spoon¬†Dale & Thomas Popcorn - Purple Spoon

The frozen yogurt was good, but I don’t see myself ever craving it. I’m a bit of an ice cream snob i guess.

As for the popcorn, I loved it, and my glass ball says there is more salty sweet popcorniness in my future.

always uncut.
Dale and Thomas Popcorn on Urbanspoon
Purple Spoon Contemporary Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon

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