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Hummus – Roasted Red Peppers – Avocado


EVERYONE and their mother loves hummus. This is my old school Lebanese recipe. It’s vegetarian/vegan of course, as humus should be! No bacon to muck it up please.

I like to make it from scratch, meaning, dried chickpeas / garbanzo beans. If you want to save time, you can just used canned chickpeas and skip the next few steps.

You have to start the night before. Take a little over 2 cups dried beans and soak them generously with 1 teaspoon baking soda.

The next day, before boiling, just wash them out and add to a pot and immerse in water. Make sure all the chickpeas are submerged and there is enough water for them to absorb.


Boil it for at least 20 min. Make sure the chickpeas melt when put in your mouth. Check on them regularly. Don’t over cook or the whole thing will turn to mush and you will have a saucy hot mess.

Consider yourself WARNED about the over cooking and one more thing…DON”T cover the pot or the water will foam up and boil over onto your stove. Don’t forget then blame me, aight?


For the recipe start with

  • 4 cups cooked/canned chickpeas
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup tahini (ground sesame seeds)
  • don’t forget the salt


Use a food processor if you have one. If you don’t you can use a blender, but it will come out chunkier and you will need to work in smaller batches.

Add the chickpeas first and start blending. WHHRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr (sound of blender, yeh, im a dork)

keep going…WHHRRRRrRrrrrrr

Till the garbanzo beans are pulverized

Add the garlic….then WWWHHRRRRRR (I add less because my hubby likes it less garlicky)

I love mine lemony so I use 1/2 cup, but you can add less if ya like..then…WHHHRRRRRR..


Then let it WWWHHRRRRRR while you slowly drizzle in the tahini. The more you add the creamier it is.

And Voila. Hummus…yum yumm…

Now you can go ahead and plate it and eat, or like out the bowl or whatever you like…or….

OR…jazz it up a bit and make a hummus TRIO!

You will need some avocados and some Roasted Red Peppers


This doesn’t need precise measuring. I added 2 avocados to about a cup and a half of the hummus puree.



It was sooo green and yummy….next time i might even add some tomatoes and onions and make Guacummus…get it? Yeh, again, I can be realllly not funny, but you know you laughed anyways 🙂


On to the peppers….WHHHRRRRRrrrrr


and more yum!


I wanted to spice up the presentation and plate it up appetizer style, layer the 3, act like I’m Martha Stewart…so your welcome in advance for the following hummus food porn.







Like I need to thank me 🙂 Also, check out the Baba Ghanoush I made.

always uncut,


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This article has 27 comments so far!

  1. daniel says —

    very nice post, now send me some!

  2. alli says —

    I should make this and stop buying it from the store! lol…i also love roasted red favorite

  3. Karla says —

    What did you garnish with?

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  5. Helen says —

    Can this also be used as a sauce? for example as a chips and hummus?

  6. mirauncut says —

    actually we ate the roasted red pepper one one with tortilla chips. It works wonderfully with salty things. I love making hummus sandwiches in pita or lavash bread.

  7. Von says —

    The hummus trio looks so cool!! I love how you put the three in the glass- it looks so pretty! I've never made hummus before….but it looks really easy! And this looks delicious too =) I'll have to try making it some time!

  8. mirauncut says —

    thanks! it reaaallly is easy to make…and i believe you can freeze extras. haven\’t tried it though.

  9. Krista says —

    Ohhh, I LOVE your hummus trio! How pretty! Those colors are marvelous and it would be great to dip through all the layers and get different flavors. 🙂

  10. mirauncut says —

    thx 🙂 i was making them separately at first, then realized they were meant to be together

  11. mike says —

    Hummus is the best stuff ever right next to pumpkin raviolis!!! i gotta try it with the avocado it looks yummy. Thanks for the post! Mirauncut rules

  12. mirauncut says —

    mike, u da man 🙂

  13. mylittleexpatkitchen says —

    The only way to prepare hummus is from scratch. The three-layer hummus is very cute.

  14. blackbookkitchendiaries says —

    i really love this recipe… and your blog is so pretty.. excellent pictures too. thank you for visiting my blog:)

  15. Karen says —

    This is an excellent post, keep it up, first time commenting. We pay an arm and a leg here, I will try to make it myself sometime.

  16. passionateaboutbaking says —

    Ooooh, I love what you did with this Mira. How gorgeous and exciting they look. ♥ the colour play!

  17. mirauncut says —

    Thank you ladies. I really enjoyed making it and eating it too! lol

    Karen: its soooo much cheaper to make yourself. I made a HUGE batch for under $5

  18. Dimah says —

    That looks fantastic! The presentation is gorgeous!

  19. Ellie says —

    Love the presentation! The colours are so pretty.

  20. Noura says —

    ohhh my god this is amazing.
    i'm lebanese so like, i appreciate good hummous, and good looking food.

  21. Lauren says —

    What a gorgeous presentation! All three hummus flavors sound delicious, and I love the idea of "Guacummus" :).

  22. Kim - Liv Life says —

    I was just searching for hummus on Foodgawker, and your trio jumped off the page! I love the layers in the little glass. You are so right about all the whirrrrring! The red pepper is next up on our menu. Thanks!

  23. MiraUncut says —

    thank you! my hubby loves the red pepper with some tortilla chips

  24. Sasha says —

    I must say I am really blown away by your tri-colored presentation, Martha. It's beautiful!

  25. MiraUncut says —

    Thank you 🙂 Its Mira btw 🙂

  26. Lebanese Kitchen says —

    hmm never had Hummus with Avocado before but it looks so good.. I gotta try it out next time thank you for sharing some creativity 🙂

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