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Little Tree Sushi Bar – Royal Oak

Little Tree Sushi

Not many sushi places in Royal Oak on Main St. that I’m familiar with. I know Toms Oyster Bar does some sushi, but not a great variety. We decided to try Little Tree Sushi bar. Surprisingly, they and sister restaurant Katana next door, have no websites.

The decor is modest and warm. Wood everywhere. Lots of people on a Friday night.
Little Tree Sushi

Of course, you can’t have a little tree sushi bar without a little, there little bonsai was so cute.
Little Tree Sushi

We went with our but buddy Mike.
Little Tree Sushi

Here Mike is acting silly, or laughing at something I said or both. Ladies, take note, he is single and ready to mingle (i’m sure I will get a phone call after he reads this, hi mike!) πŸ™‚
Little Tree Sushi

Started off with the Shrimp Dumplings (Shrimp Shumai $5.25). I liked them. Salty, warm, comforting.
Little Tree Sushi

Then came the sushi we had ordered. I had a spicy Yellowtail roll ($5.75). It was good, but not great. Mike hated it. He had the Claifornia King roll ($8.00). He hated that too.
Little Tree Sushi

He also hated his Yellowtail nigri ($2.10/piece). So the conclusion was, Little Tree sushi is a meh…for the sushi at least.
Little Tree Sushi

Hubby only eats hot and cooked stuff, so he opted for the Lava Roll ($10.00): salmon roll, breaded and fried, topped with a jalapeno and sriracha mayo. Basically, there version Benihana’s “Las Vegas” roll. It was ok. It was lacking some sort of flavor and hit only one note.
Little Tree Sushi

A surprise to this place was that they serve a selection of other asian dishes and cuisines, not just pure sushi. We got a Mee Thai ($10.75) noodle dish. First thing i noticed, was a pet peeve of mine, and a really dated practice: the parsley sprinkled on the rim of the plate. What a nineties flash back.
Little Tree Sushi

Once I moved past that though, the dish was good. It was a bit spicy per request, and it had a slight sweetness to it that we loved.

The shrimp ($2.00) wasn’t really showcased. I could’ve done without it.
Little Tree Sushi

We don’t drink, but Mike does, and he had one of their beers ($7.75), which was a monster if you ask me. He liked it alot. May be the one thing he liked that night. lol.
Little Tree Sushi

Overall, I was disappointed by the sushi, considering that its a sushi bar. I also didn’t get what was so “Nu asian” about it. Other than its a term that has been thrown around alot to attract a certain clientele. I will be back to try some of the asian dishes though. But for now, the sushi should be exed out from the place.

always uncut,


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  1. amanda says —

    you take such amazing pictures. lovin it.

  2. amanda says —

    looks great, If I ever visit Michigan, I will be sure to check this place out, I love Thai food.

  3. @Toka248 says —

    Little Tree went way downhill since it was bought by Mr. B's. The original owners now run a sushibar in Madison Heights called Edemame. Well worth it. Price is right and sushi is top notch.

  4. mirauncut says —

    Thanks for the info. I decided to give it another try to be fair. The spicy tuna was ok. Not very traditional. The curry dish was disgusting. I returned it. Tried the pad thai which was good.

  5. MiraUncut says —

    I will have to try it. I had not tried it before, but I\’ve been to little tree again, and didn\’t like it again. Guess I won\’t be back for real now.

  6. Rosa says —

    Lovely food!



  7. noΓ«lle says —

    Have you tried Ronin Sushi in Royal Oak? I would always go there over Little Tree… Their Monster Roll is one of my favorites.

    BTW can't believe I never found your blog before now given that you're in the Detroit area! I thought I knew most of the Detroit food bloggers… Check out the #GUDetroit (GU= Gourmet Underground) hashtag on Twitter if you're interested in connecting with some other cool food folks. πŸ™‚

  8. MiraUncut says —

    Hi there! I\’ve heard of Ronin, will definitely try it. I haven\’t met alot of other D foodies so it is great to connect! I know about GU just never checked out hte twitter hashtag. Thanks for the tip. I\’ll check it out πŸ™‚

  9. ++Mira++ says —

    Hi there! I’ve heard of Ronin, will definitely try it. I haven’t met alot of other D foodies so it is great to connect! I know about GU just never checked out hte twitter hashtag. Thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out πŸ™‚

  10. Anna says —

    Never ever go to little tree. Its sick and the food is TERRIBLE .

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