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Maker Faire – Detroit – The Henry Ford

photo credit: Maia C

Its almost time for the Maker’s Faire this weekend (July 30 – 31)! Its my first time going, and I’m really pumped to see everyone’s creations. Think of a wonderland, crossed with genius power, crossed with magic. Yup. Thats what it is. Creators will show off their inventions and ideas. I’m prepared to be wowed. Its also at the most perfect location, The Henry Ford. There is still time to get tickets.

One of the things I’m super excited about is Sean Casey’s Tornado Alley movie showing and the Tornado Intercept Vehicle (known as TIV). I’m sure you have seen that bad boy on TV.

You can check out the schedule and find them on facebook and twitter. Let me know if your going!

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  1. gingermandy says —

    I wish I was going! I'd love to see whatever amazing thing the Theatre Bizarre guys are brewing up.

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