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Molecular Gastronomy – Lecithin – Lemon Foam Air

It’s so easy to make foams. Its very simple, and requires only 2 things, an Immersion blender and Lecithin. It’s my first video so forgive me 🙂 I had to harass you with my voice since its easier to show the process via video than pictures.

Molecular Lemon Foam

Molecular Lemon Foam

Molecular Lemon Foam

Molecular Lemon Foam

Most chefs use an iSi canister to create foams, but now you can easily make it at home. Top any drink off, or add to any dish. If you happen to have liquid nitrogen on hand, dip some in, and you’ll have a crusty outer shell with a foamy soft interior. Now you try it, soy sauce, lime juice, chicken stock, lol, the sky is the limit!

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  1. Sandy a la Mode says —

    girl, you are soo adorable! and i MUST, i say MUST impress my friends with this sometime!! but first i need an immersion blender and lecithin! btw, where can i buy lecithin?? xo, sandy

  2. ++Mira++ says —

    Well, i shouldve mentioned this, but you can use a hand blender. I bought my lecithin from thx for the comment. im so weird about videos. I cant watch

  3. ChefGerard says —

    I think the brand Molecule-r offer the best value. Their kit comes with a DVD, 5 additives and 5 tools. And Sandy you can buy lecithine on their website as well:

  4. mirauncut says —

    thx for sharing. Your sight is pretty kool. Will be checkig it frequently.

  5. Matt says —

    wow, that is amazingly cool, nice video!

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  7. mike says —

    the video is to echo-eeee. but other than that it was very nice. YEEAAA lol

  8. ++Mira++ says —

    yeh. i know. it was my first! and the room i did it in was will make the next better! thx for the input

  9. ANdy says —

    nice foam. need to try this

  10. sam says —

    love the glass and how you wrote on it w chalk

  11. Briana says —

    Are there any restaurants in Detroit that boast this style of cooking? I am coming to town to visit and would love expert advice on what cutting edge restaurants I can visit 🙂

  12. mirauncut says —

    Hi Briana-

    Unfortunately I haven't found progressive american/molecular gastronomy restaurants in michigan. I can recommend some good fine dining, like wolfgang puck in the mgm and cuisine in detroit.

    If you want to try some molecular restaurants and would be willing to drive (3hrs i think) to chicago, im sure uve heard of Alinea, and there is also moto that is very playful w food. Word of caution though, i know alinea needs reservations WAYYY in advance (like months even) u can always check though. If you can make it to Alinea, u should go!
    lemme know if you want more suggestions – 🙂 mira

  13. Dan says —

    LOL yeah welcome to MI nothing interesting food-wise here…except BLTs with a whole pound of bacon on them!

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  15. Joe says —

    Hi Mira,
    Do you know if adding more lecithin will create more foam more quickly? I guess I just need to experiment (waiting for lecithin to arrive atm), just wondered if you knew.

  16. MiraUncut says —

    The foam actually is very fast, in a restaurant setting an iSi siphon is the quickest sure fire way of getting it. I have noticed that adding more make more stable foam. But, i haven\’t really experimented with the percentages. I\’m sure there is also a point where when you add too much, its too much.

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