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Molecular Gastronomy – Nutella Powder – Maltodextrin

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Molecular Banana Nutella

Tapioca Maltodextrin is SUPER easy to work with. You just have to understand a couple of main concepts to be successful at creating a powder and not turning it into goo.

I talk briefly about it in the beginning of this post and in full depth in my What is Maltodextrin & How to Use It post. Basically, you have to use it with something fat based that has no water in it. Examples: Peanut butter, Tahini, and Nutella!

I played around with the peanut butter before in this post. This time it was my beloved Nutella’s turn. I mean, who doesn’t love nutella?

Molecular Banana Nutella

The amount of maltodextrin you use should be 40% of how much nutella you use.

In my case I did 10g nutella, 4 g maltodextrin (I only wanted a small amount). Sometimes I find you can get away with adding less.

Molecular Banana Nutella

The rest is simple. Just put them in a processor and blend away.

Molecular Banana Nutella

Till you get the consistency you want. Some say to pass it thru a seive. I haven’t found this necessary.

Molecular Banana Nutella

Its also best to store the powder so it doesn’t dry it. I put mine in test tubes.

Molecular Banana Nutella

Classic flavor combo : nutella and bananas. More to come in another post.

Molecular Banana Nutella

One tube broke. There is beauty in destruction at times.

Molecular Banana Nutella

Molecular Banana Nutella

Sprinkle this on anything, or just carry it around and enjoy it like a pixie stick.

Molecular Banana Nutella

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  2. amanda says —

    wow, amazing picture quality.

  3. Jason says —

    really nice work, I would love to learn more about this new trend in food.

  4. jeroxie says —

    Hmkmm… Interesting.. I want to play with this now! Thanks for the tip. Shall look into this further.

  5. mirauncut says —

    you should. its tons of fun. lemme know if you have any questions!

  6. leaf,theindolentcook says —

    Nutella powder sounds yummy!

  7. Joanne says —

    I've never seen or used this before but anything with nutella in the title intrigues me!

  8. mirauncut says —

    i agree about the nutella part…its so delish!

  9. Michelle says —

    would it taste good with ice cream you think? did the powder loose any flavor?

  10. mirauncut says —

    The powder tasted 100% nutella. You can\’t put it on icecream or anything \”wet\” because the powder will revert back to a paste on contact w moisture.

  11. Ellie says —

    This is co cool!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family!

  12. mirauncut says —

    thx ellie! to you too 🙂

  13. Norine says —

    now this is an awesome concept, did you think about making certain Arabic dished with traditional Arabic dishes?

  14. mirauncut says —

    defintely! You can do a deconstructed hummus w tahini powder made w maltodextrin. Maybe i'll try that next 😉

  15. Jake Lander says —


    Great stuff, we have a place in Chicago here which does this kind of thing as a dinner though,


  16. mirauncut says —

    Jake, I have been DYING to go to Alinea. I know Moto also plays around w their food. Have you been?

  17. Dennis says —

    Great post, gonna try this one for sure!

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  19. Edgard says —

    hmmm powdered Nutella.. just more ways to love this treat.

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  21. Beth says —

    where did you get your test tubes from?

  22. MiraUncut says —

    I found the test tubes at the dollar store. They sold incense in them. I knew I wanted them when I first saw them. You can also order test tubes on ebay.

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  24. Stacey says —

    Hi friends,

    So if I create my own nut butter with this powder, does it decrese the fat content in it but keep the protein the same?

    thanks for all your help!

  25. MiraUncut says —

    It has no effect on the fat content. Actually, turning things into a powder with tapioca maltodextrin only works with high fat content products, with low water content. But it seems that you might be using it as a stabilizer, correct? Either way, it has no effect on changing the caloric content of what your making. Sorry, the fat stays 😛

  26. angel says —

    Hi Mira! great stuff! love the way you describe !!!! i can feel your passion for food!

    any tips you can give me for my Blog just opened 2 weeks ago?


  27. Martin Nguyen says —

    I have a question. So if I render bacon in a pan and then took the dripping and mixed it with the maltodextrin. Would I be able to produce bacon powder? And if I wanted to add maple syrup to it, would that be a powder too or would that have too greater of a water content?

  28. MiraUncut says —

    Hello. Yes, anything fat based works with maltodextrin, so technically yes, you will be able to make bacon powder! As for the maple syrup, no that won\’t work. It has too much water content, plus no fat content only sugar. What you could do with the maple syrup is maybe boil it down even more and maybe make a thin sugar film? Sort of like the top of the creme brulee when its torched? Just an idea. Let me know how it turns out!

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