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Molecular Gastronomy – Olive Oil Powder – Maltodextrin

Olive Oil Powder

Trying to deconstruct a vinaigrette? Or maybe just add a little whimsy to a dish? This olive oil powder is perfect for that. Its super easy to make. You just need some tapioca maltodextrin and some olive oil. I explain the properties of the maltodextrin in my peanut butter powder post & more recently in a full description on the science behind Maltodextrin.

What you need is:

  1. 4 g tapioca maltodextrin
  2. 10 g olive oil

Olive Oil Powder

Olive Oil Powder

Add the maltodextrin and olive oil to a food processor.

Olive Oil Powder

Olive Oil Powder

Just let it whhhiirrrl and you got yourself olive oil powder. Easy peazy right?
Olive Oil Powder

Olive Oil Powder

You can plate it up anyway depending what your trying to do.
Olive Oil Powder

Olive Oil Powder

Have you tried to make any powders? If so what kind?

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  2. Three-Cookies says —

    Awesome, easy and good to know.

  3. Sally says —

    Wow. that is easy!

  4. Jhon says —

    Peanut butter powder? that sounds intresting

  5. carla says —

    So, I'm really not into all this chemical bizniz. I still like your piks though :)

  6. Gali says —

    These powder posts make me want to find some maltodextrin and try making some stuff.

  7. @jezzter75 says —

    i was wondering about serving this instead of olive oil with the bread service. how long does it keep in a powdered state without loosing quality?

  8. Josh says —

    Does it have to be tapioca maltodextrin? I have some maize maltodextrin, will it work with that?

  9. Andrew says —

    Made pumpkin seed oil powder the other day. The dark brown oil turned a gorgeous shade of olive green. I sprinkled it over Parmesan cups filled with a rosemary and pasilla whipped custard. The proportions were different. It took 50 g of tapioca maltodextrin to powderize 70 g of pumpkin seed oil.

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  11. Wendy says —

    Can you do this with coconut oil?

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