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Red Lentil Soup – Easy & Healthy Recipe Under 30 min

Lentil Soup

Most middle eastern restaurants charge 3-5 dollars for a cup of lentil soup. That is insane to me since you can take that same amount of money and make enough soup to feed you for a week, and then some. Its really delicious, vegetarian / vegan and is filling. Most Lebanese soups are. On top of that, when using  a pressure cooker, you can be done in under 30 min, start to finish. Slap peanut butter on me and release me in the woods if I’m lying.

Anyways, are you ready for the easiest soup you will ever make? Lets go.


  1. 2 cups red lentils
  2. 1/2 cup rice
  3. 1 large onion
  4. 1 tablespoon cumin
  5. 6-7 cups stock (veggie or chicken)
  6. 2 lemons
  7. 7 spice blend – optional
  8. carrots – optional

To start, sautee and brown the onions.

Lentil Soup
Lentil Soup

Then add the lentils, rice, cumin and stock. Make sure to wash the rice and lentils very well first!
Lentil Soup

Just put it all in a pressure cooker. If you don’t have one, thats ok, it will  just need to simmer longer till the lentils are cooked thru. I swear by my pressure cooker. It cuts stew and soup cooking time by alot. Totally worth it.
Lentil Soup

Once you hear it boil, and steam is present, just time it for 10-15 mins and put the heat on low. Yeh, you heard me. After just let it sit for a few before deflating the pressure cooker. Technically you could just eat it at this point. Its more chunky and has some texture at this point.
Lentil Soup

Or, you can use a blender to smooth it all out.
Lentil Soup

After, just add some of the freshly squeezed lemon. I add alot of lemon into my bowl too. I just love it. I’m a citrus fiend. And thats it folks. Serve it up with crispy pita bread, crackers, croutons, and whatever else you want.
Lentil Soup

The soup is nice and smooth. Very comforting. It also tends to thicken up, so be ready to thin it out as needed.
Lentil Soup
Lentil Soup

You won’t believe how much soup those 2 cups of lentils make. Take it to work, have it as a light dinner. Its a great soup to have on hand. If you make some, send me the pictures on facebook. I would love to share! Enjoy :)

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  1. Tanvi says —

    Thats a yum soup Mira.I went to a lebanese rest couple of weeks back and they did charge 5 bucks for a shallow India, we make it the same way except for carrots and we add a dollop of ghee ( clarified butter)

  2. Gastronomer says —

    This soup looks so good! It's below 70 in L.A., so I could really go for a warm bowl-full 😉

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  4. Peggy says —

    I've been seeing a lot of soup in pressure cookers lately. Definitely think I need to either invest in one or borrow my mother's!

  5. Michelle says —

    wow, looks really good, what kind of camera do you use?

  6. Krista says —

    That looks fantastic! I especially like the fresh lemon addition. :-) I don't have a pressure cooker yet, but I have a good soup pot that will do the trick nicely. :-)

  7. Krista says —

    That looks fantastic! I especially like the fresh lemon addition. :-) I don't have a pressure cooker yet, but I have a good soup pot that will do the trick nicely. :-)

  8. Sweet Potato Soul says —

    This looks delicious! My favorite lentil soup comes from the restaurant Moustache here in NYC. They top it with crispy fried onions : )
    Check out the simple and raw red lentil hummus on my blog. If you like cheap, easy and tasty, you'll like it!

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    […] used this recipe, but used mushroom “stock,” also known as leftover water from re-hydrating […]

  10. Angela says —

    Look delicious! what size pressure cooker do you use and how many servings does your recipe make?


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