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So, who the f is Mira?

Los Galanes

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Mira. The crazy nonsensical mind behind MiraUncut.

I’m a twenty something human being living in Michigan. In my not so spare time, you can find me in the kitchen playing with food, mainly Molecular Gastronomy & Middle Eastern food. I love to bring my love for science, physics and chemistry into the food realm. I’m also lucky, since I have found the piece that completes my soul. He keeps me grounded otherwise I would be in lala land. We love to explore the gorgeous outdoors Michigan has to offer, the ruins and monuments of Detroit and the great restaurants the area has.

Want to ask me something? Go ahead. Shoot! You can ask in the comments below, or shoot me an email at mirauncut [at] gmail [dot] com. (P.S. If you spam me, I will find you and sprinkle hot sauce in your eye)

always uncut,


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This article has 15 comments so far!

  1. Sarah G says —

    Give you LOTS of credit to even consider medicine – I don't do so well with blood and other bodily fluids. :) And, about me…I live in VA now with my hubby and daughter, but I was born and raised in Hawaii. So, I misssss the beach.

  2. ++Mira++ says —

    man, hawaii? that must've been amazing. I want to live there one day for part of the year. who doesn't right? Funny enough, i love blood and all that (makes me sound psycho), but i can't stand

  3. Sarah G says —

    Hehe, yeah, I use to hate spit. Then, I had a child – after awhile, you get immune. 😉

  4. Girl Japan says —

    Home is a fab place…. Going in to medicine, esp the ER, takes….. I don't know.. guts, cause I can'T even handle the smallest thing.. even hate getting my period…

    Will you go back to med school, or go into research?

  5. Erin (Travel, Eat, R says —

    A love of science + passion for cooking = you! Fantastic.

  6. Nicole says —

    I am convinced we would be great friends if we lived in the same city! We both love food and the colour purple–what stronger foundation for friendship could possibly exist? :)

  7. ++Mira++ says —

    i agree! especially since u like to eat alot of offal :) we would be the best of friends :)

  8. qin says —

    Good intro 😀

  9. Jen @ Tiny Urban Kit says —

    Wow, I am so impressed with the step by step photos. I've always been intrigued with molecular gastronomy but have yet to try anything, even though I was a chemist for years! This looks fun!

  10. don bailey says —

    I took a date to Oslo last night for dinner and was totally underwhelmed. Although the place was almost empty the service was terrible. The food was nothin special and the prices were tooo high. $54 for twwo with no drinks. I won’t be going back.

  11. La Pria Childs says —

    How much would you charge for a coach cake. I need it for the end of march for my mother birthday. You can call me at 216-618-1092 or email me at Hope to hear from you soon!

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